KO in the Community


Patients are rewarded with stamps for good oral hygiene. Stamps can be “spent” toward a variety of gift cards. Or, patients can choose to donate their stamp to our office project of giving back to the community. Kingston Orthodontics will match each donated stamp with a financial contribution toward the current project.

Our donation will be going to the Kingston Youth Shelter.


Pink Shirt Day originated in Nova Scotia, where a group of friends stood up for a Grade 9 boy who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt by getting several people in their school to wear pink tank tops the next day. Now, Pink Shirt Day is a global movement celebrated in almost 180 countries through donations, social media, and acts of kindness!
Every year our office participates in Pink Shirt Day, joining in the movement against bullying. We wear our pink shirts proudly, standing up for kindness and inclusivity. For every patient who chooses to wear pink elastics in the month of February, Kingston Orthodontics will make a donation to BGC South East. Every patient who participates can enter their name into a draw to win a prize!


Every year Kingston Orthodontics likes to give back to our community by sponsoring youth in extra curricular activities. Next time you are in the office, ask us how we can help sponsor your child’s team!